Fondation Inartis

17 November 2019

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Born in Neuchâtel, developed in the Canton of Vaud, Rise-Up solution contributes concretely to the autonomy of people with reduced mobility. This motorized chair allows a disabled person to get up from the ground alone. Falling down and not being able to get up again not only causes physical injuries, but also psychological ones, due to the discomfort or inconvenience caused. A person with reduced mobility falls to the ground between once a week and once a year. This happens most often when he or she wants to move from the wheelchair to the bed. If they live alone and cannot or will not call, they have to wait until the next morning for someone to help them up. With the Rise-Up chair, she can also have easier access to high places in her environment such as shelves in her kitchen. This vertical mobility makes her more independent and gives a third dimension to her movements.



Stéphanie Jacot et Amir Elhajhasan

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