Fondation Inartis

01 November 2018

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Pain point

Difficulty getting up and the apprehension of falling backwards at this key moment are real problems for the elderly and postoperative patients. This reduces their self-confidence and autonomy.

Market opportunity

Main target: people over 55 years of age with mobility difficulties.

Europe: 51 million people

Switzerland: 1 million people

Next Steps

The project team plans to target other market segments including post-cardio surgery and post-operative patients with orthopaedic disorders. It will have to prepare the industrialization of its product today at the functional prototype stage.



Oriane Perryman-Holt, Muhammad Atif, Parth Reddy, Mohamed Jerad, Joyce  Tsuchiya, Andre Cepeda, Rafael Freixo et Garance Krengel.

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