Fondation Inartis

10 April 2017

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The “Tremor” project, carried by Jonathan Poisard and supported in its development by the Inartis Foundation, consists of helping patients suffering from chronic tremors to drink without spilling the liquid from their glass and without using a straw. This project was initiated by a group of MBA students during a one-week workshop dedicated to innovation organized by IMD under the supervision of the professor in innovation strategy, Dr. Cyril Bouquet, in partnership with UniverCité in Renens.

“This project started from a complex and expensive technological solution and took shape in a financially accessible and broadly applicable prototype,” explains Benoît Dubuis, President of the Inartis Foundation. “The external support has given way to an internal matrix inside the container, which adapts to all types of glass and cup and can help patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, for example”.


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