Hello Mask

Fondation Inartis

11 November 2016

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“Hello Mask” submitted by Sacha Sidjanski is a prototype transparent hospital mask. It aims to improve the exchange and communication between hospitalized patients, their relatives and the nursing staff. This project was born from the meeting between Sasha Sidjanski and Diane Baatard, a storyteller for hospitalized children.

Since its nomination as a finalist, the “Hello Mask” team, based at the EssentialTech Centre of the EPFL, has called upon EMPA, the Swiss Materials Institute in St. Gallen, and has obtained convincing results with certain materials. In addition to this scientific validation, the team also enlisted the services of a specialist in hospital masks who has solid industrial and regulatory experience.




Sacha P. Sidjanski, Thierry Pelet, Anne Géraldine Guex, Giuseppino Fortunato, Diane Baatard, Klaus Schönenberger.

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